The right of voice


The Right Voice (s) helps in the process of restoring the rights of women victims of sexual violence in the context of the Colombian armed conflict. Circles of psychosocial assistance and training implemented in the regions promote; protecting the emotional universe; the exercise of the right to speak; recovery of the social fabric; and knowledge about their rights and the mechanisms to enforce them.

During 2014 and 2015, the Study Circle Foundation in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice and Law implemented a strategy to provide psychosocial support and training in human rights, to provide the necessary conditions for access to justice for women victims sexual violence by the armed conflict.


Study circles for documenting violent events , the psychosocial support, and the declaration of sexual violence events took place during 2014 in Barrancabermeja, Barranquilla, Cali, Cucuta, Popayan Quibdo, Riohacha and Valledupar, where 369 cases were documented . This conference statement and complaint facilitate the appropriation of psychosocial tools, to reduce the risk of secondary victimization in the process of access to justice; systematize and analyze the qualitative and quantitative information on the facts stated; and restore the emotional conditions of women, from the testimonies, life stories, reflections to contribute to the improvement of conditions for women victims to fully exercise their rights and freedoms.

The implementation of this strategy continued during 2015 with follow-up sessions to access rights to justice and reparation of women victims of sexual violence by reason of the armed conflict that aim, directly meet the state that is the administration of justice and the repair pathway rights of women victims of sexual violence by reason of the armed conflict; promotion and organization of civil society, personal dialogue between women victims and the State, for the activation of institutional dynamics that result in the speedy restoration of violated rights; and analyze and evaluate women from the psychological technique, the impact the program has had the right to speak in their lives.

In a joint effort between the -AECID international cooperation, IOM, USAID and the Unit for Attention and Reparation for Victims claim and defend the rights of women victims of sexual violence by reason of the armed conflict during 2014 regional meetings for strengthening participation, protection and access to justice were done, the latter understood not only as the formal access to the Colombian penal system, but to the full restoration of the rights without which it is not possible the exercise of citizenship.


These meetings have served to strengthen and train women in leadership tools victims and advocacy, and whose ultimate purpose is to contribute to the eradication of all forms of discrimination and violence against women in Colombian society.

In partnership with the Division for the Rights of Children, Youth and Women Ombudsman of Colombia, with the support of Transitional Justice Fund UNDP, UNHCR and Netherlands Embassy, the Foundation has implemented the right of voice program in eight departments. and in 2013 the project of institutional suitability for access to justice for women victims of sexual violence by reason of the armed conflict is implemented.