Psychosocial tools; qualification and training


The term psychosocial burst onto the scene in the social sciences in the late twentieth century; however, the indiscriminate use of the word -psychosocial- force to define the limits and scope of the concept. The foundation has developed a definition of the concept in two particular areas, namely; First, “psychosocial technique” as a perspective in which different social practices are located; And second, the “psychosocial accompaniment” understood as a set of positions, tools and speeches aimed at the areas of support, care, or therapeutic, especially, to victims of human rights violations or IHL breaches.

Círculo de Estudios believes that the technique psychosocial is based, epistemologically, in hermeneutic, specifically in communicative action proposed by Habermas; and, politically, in the French structuralism considerations. This technique determines the characteristics of specific technologies for the action (for example, workshops, study circles, forums, talks, seminars, etc.) Moreover, the psychosocial accompaniment concerns to the construction of process rights-configured from which it is possible to exercise free expression of emotions and thoughts, and whose ultimate goal is the change.

The foundation has shared the results of academic research of the concept, and practices that arise from such invenstigation with staff and officials responsible for the care of victims in different regions of the country.