Conflict, Victims and Memory


In 2008, with the support of various social organizations, the foundation conducted the first forum entitled “Conflict, Victims and Memory”. Exercise held in the San Vicente Ferrer church (San Vicente de Chucurí), and that was established in the first attempt to openly discuss the problems of victims in a region in which the silence was imposed by the terror of armed groups. On that occasion, the Forum presented three papers; Extralegal justice mechanisms in the Magdalena Medio by Giovanny Diaz Martinez; Magdalena Medio, possibilities for reconciliation by Lizbeth Guerrero Cuan; The News of the discpline, Considerations on forced displacement by Alberto Anaya.

In the year 2010 was the second version of the forum, this time focused on the discussion on the bill seeks redress for the victims. In this space, the Magdalena Medio region victims, met, discussed and comments on the proposed bill.

The third version of the forum, held in 2013, was directed to victims of enforced disappearance in the Middle Magdalena region Santandereano. For three days, the families of the victims participated in psychosocial support sessions aimed at the reconstruction of historical memory.