Cinematic – Contemporary Dance Company


Cinemática - Compañía de danza

The Company:

Cinemática (Cinematic) is a contemporary Dance Company and is one of the structural proposals of the CÍRCULO DE ESTUDIOS CULTURALES Y POLÍTICOS foundation.

The company (composed of professional dancers that have a national and international career, more than eight years, whose participation and training has been developed in Mexico, Russia, New York, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Brazil and France) focuses on creating works for the scene that are based on research of the movement as an essential component of creation, and its impact aesthetic and dramaturgical. The emphasis on movement and collective creation within the group can explore the uniqueness of the dancers and diversify the aesthetic intent of each of their proposals.

Likewise, the company implements a regional program called “Towns in Motion” which is the formation of study circles in contemporary dance with youth and children in different regions of Colombia where access to this kind of artistic training is low, also in the context of this program is circulating repertoire of the company and generate processes of research and artistic creation. Currently the project is implemented by the Ministry of Culture in Santander and Choco.


  • Claroscuro (“Chiaroscuro”)
  • Job 7:8


  • Festival internacional de danza contemporánea (International Contemporary Dance Festival), INTERCREA 2010, Morelia city, Mexico
  • Festival La Dinámica Espiral (The Spiral Dynamics festival), Autonomous University of Querétaro, Mexico
  • X festival de danza contemporánea teatro La Libélula Dorada (X contemporary dance festival The Golden Dragonfly theater), Bogotá, Colombia
  • Culturally active towns 2011. Culture Secretariat, City of Bogota
  • Grant. Artistic Roaming 2011. Ministry of Culture
  • Support of the Concertation Program, Ministry of Culture, for “Towns in motion” program: Study Circles in contemporary dance in the Chocó, 2012
  • Convocation Company Artistic winner BibloRed 2013, Bogota City Hall. Job 7:8 staging.
  • Perfomance Samples Impulses Festival, l’explose, 2013.

Watch company in movement
Watch Job 7:8