Decision T-045-10; divulgation and watch


The view that goes to the victims of armed conflict complexity -the integrality, the difference-; the point of view that is still absent, can be called, overall, the psychosocial perspective. Under an attempt to approximate to that view, the Honorable Constitutional Court, through the decision T-045-10, enacted a law directing the State to include the psychosocial perspective in the care of victims of Colombia’s conflict.

That sentence is the result of the legal requirement produced by the Montes de María region victims (El Carmen de Bolívar), region where there have been multiple acts of violence perpetrated by armed actors. Four women, represented by the Colombian Commission of Jurists (Comisión Colombiana de Jurístas – CCJ) filed a writ of amparo (Acción de Tutela) against the Social Protection Ministry (Ministerio de la Protección Social) arguing the health fundamental right vulneration, by not taking appropriate measures to ensure timely attention to the physical and psychosocial sequelae, derived from its special status as victims (see Constitutional Court of Colombia, dossier T-2384972. P.1)

Círculo de Estudios foundation has built institutional spaces for discussion that will enable the development of a policy to respond adequately to the Constitutional Court judgment T-045-10 about the right of victims to the psychosocial attention. In this same way, the foundation has qualified for staff and officials responsible for the care of victims of armed conflict on the basic principles of psychosocial support in the context of decision T-045-10, in the Nariño region.