Experiencias relevantes


Specific examples of the foundation activities:

            • Organization of the first formal activity of discussion on the victims issue in the Magdalena Medio Santandereano region, through the forum Conflicto, Víctimas y Memoria (Conflict, Victims and Memory).
            • Promotion of the Welfare State by means of the accompaniment to the Betulia´s municipality constitutional project.
            • Accomplishment of the pilot phase of the Pueblos en Movimiento (towns in motion) program, with youth arts groups in the municipality of San Vicente de Chucurí.
            • Evaluation and orientation of processes relating to fundamental rights, specifically, a social audit of the public health project, implemented by the San Vicente de Chucurí’s San Juan de Dios Hospital.
            • Counsel to the communities impacted by the Sogamoso’s hydroelectric project.
            • Preparation and publication of the document EL CUIDADO DE SÍ, Para cuidar la otreidad (SELF-CARE, to care for otherness) for officials from different institutions responsible for the 975 Law, or Justice and Peace Law, supported by the Defensoría del Pueblo de Colombia (Colombian Ombudsman).
            • International positioning of the concept “ the body as the Human Rights scene” through the participation in the International Contemporary Dance Festival, INTERCREA 2010, Morelia city (Mexico), and the Autonomous University of Queretaro festival (Mexico).
            • Judicial circuit of Popayan officials qualified in International Humanitarian Law, psychosocial care tools for victims, and advocacy, supported by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODOC).
            • Training for staff and officials responsible for the care of victims of armed conflict on the basic principles of psychosocial support in the context of decision T-045-10, in the Nariño region.
            • Building of institutional spaces for discussion that will enable the development of a policy to respond adequately to the Constitutional Court judgment T-045-10 about the right of victims to the psychosocial attention.
            • Analysis and monitoring Bill 107 of 2010 House, by enacting measures of attention and reparations to victims of human rights violations and breaches of international humanitarian law, accumulated over Bill 85 of 2010 House, By which provide transitional rules for restitution
            • Process training officers OHCHR Terrain tools for addressing and documenting cases interviews with victims of sexual violence.
            • Implementation of the modules psychosocial training course for officials / government as for the treatment of cases with gender and human rights with the support of the Office of the Ombudsman and the Integrated Against Gender Violence MDG-F IOM.
            • Design and implementation of curriculum for training in psychosocial tools Training Program in Gender and Human Rights Officers and Officers Attending and represent that women, children and adolescents victims of sexual violence in situations of armed conflict, with supported by the Division for the rights of the Child, Youth and Women of the Ombudsman.
            • Monitoring, systematize and analyze information pertaining to cases of women and child victims identifying psychosocial barriers to access to justice, with the support of the Division for the Rights of Children, Youth and Women’s Ombudsman.
            • Process psychosocial training for teachers tools Tumaco to prevent the involvement of children and youth to the armed conflict, with the support of the MAPP-OAS.
            • Process training stakeholders and young leaders in sexual and reproductive rights, and prevention of sexual violence in situations of armed conflict, with the support of the MAPP-OAS.
            • Design and implementation of Circles of support and training from a psychosocial perspective with women victims of sexual violence to strengthen the right to participate in Nariño, Antioquia and Valle del cautious, with support from UNDP Transitional Justice Program and the Division for Rights of Children and Young People.
            • Characterisation of violence and sexual exploitation of children, child, teen and women in the armed conflict and out of him, and institutional capacity in the departments of Antioquia and Cauca Cauca Valley to prevent and ensure access victims to justice, with the support of UNHCR.
            • Implementation of the first phase of the project the psychosocial dimension of institutional adaptation to the accompaniment of women victims of sexual violence by reason of the armed conflict of the Ombudsman of Colombia, with the support of the Embassy of the Netherlands.
            • Realization of the Right Voice video (s), with the support of UNDP.
            • Making communication pieces for the promotion of human rights and cultural activities.
            • Support to the radial space of opinion Palabra y Cordillera.